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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

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State of Shadowbane Posted
9:52 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

The latest state of the game for Ubi Soft's MMORPG Shadowbane has now been posted. Featuring news on the latest improvements to the game, along with the latest in-game events, the article provides a neat look at the world of Shadowbane. Here's a snippet:

We have made several changes and improvements to the game since our last State of Shadowbane address. In the last two months, the Rise of the Upstart Gods patch introduced the Divine Favor and Siege Spire systems to the game, as well as a new high-level Elven Zone. Last month, our 2.5 maintenance patch also introduced several performance and stability improvements to the game. Furthermore, the improvements to the siege system have just begun, and we have even more plans to make Shadowbane the premiere sieging game on the market today.

We still have a lot more work ahead of us, so we will continue to add new content and features to the game in the coming months. These upcoming improvements, however, will focus on broader game systems that will give players a wider variety of things to accomplish.

One of those new game systems will be the long-awaited resource system. We will be launching part one of this new feature in the next patch. We will also continue to work extremely hard to improve many outstanding performance and stability issues.

Recent Improvements

The Rise of the Upstart Gods patches have been well received, especially with the inclusion of the Siege Spire and Divine Favor systems. We are extremely pleased that our siege changes have met a large degree of success with the community. And Spires have finally shifted the siege battle dynamic outside of a city's walls, instead of battles being fought from the inside out. This is more in tune with our vision for how sieges should work. In addition, we have added a new high-level adventuring area called "Aeran Belendor" and new Disciplines in the form of the Archmage and Bloodhorn.

In April, we successfully launched the Shadowbane 2.5 maintenance patch. While this patch contained some new content, our efforts were mostly directed at improving stability and performance. In this patch the programming team made several changes to our server architecture that will directly improve memory usage and performance. We also implemented several client-side changes, which should also improve performance. These efforts, combined with the barracks reductions, helped to eliminate many of the lag spikes that were affecting users. Our metrics have shown a large improvement in this area, although we realize that much more work still needs to be done. You can also check out our Q&A with Lead Programmer Ala Diaz for more details about our ongoing efforts to improve Shadowbane’s performance.

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State of Shadowbane Posted
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