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Monday, May 10, 2004
SuperSpriteSurface - New 2D OpenGL Game Engine
8:36 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Beginning game developers interested in trying their hand at 2D may be interested in a project currently being developed by Tinrocket. Named SuperSpriteSurface, the tool is a game and animation kit for REALbasic developers. Using OpenGL 2D to take advantage of GPUs, SuperSprite's features include Collision Detection, an Animation Controller, and Multiple Sprite Types.

SuperSpriteTile offers similar functionality to the PaintTile event in the REALbasic SpriteSurface control: it lets you seamlessly tile small images, allowing you to create huge backdrops from a few source images. Because SuperSpriteTile is a SuperSprite subclass it may be transformed: moved, scaled & rotated, like any other SuperSprite object. You can also layer multiple SuperSpriteTile objects to create parallax scrolling effects!
Examples of SuperSprite at work can be seen at its official website. It currently supports Realbasic 5.x and higher, and interested users can run the unregistered program in demo mode to see its capabilities.

Tinrocket - SuperSpriteSurface

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Archives  News  SuperSpriteSurface - New 2D OpenGL Game Engine