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Monday, April 26, 2004

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Shadowbane PvP Guide
8:08 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Fans and players of Ubisoft's hit MMORPG, Shadowbane, may be happy to see the latest guide to the game posted by Ubisoft. Designed to help out players with the Player vs. Player aspect of the game, the extensive guide goes through all the steps needed to start up a group and begin to wage war. Here’s a snippet:

Forming a PvP group is the first step in PvP. In SB, there are currently no fast ways to travel, and until this changes, summoners are your only practical means of cross continent travel. (Note: Inter-nation travel is now in development. This will greatly speed up traveling between nation cities in and only in your nation.) Thus, whoever forms a PvP group will let others know her intentions by asking in "/nation" or another relevant chat medium (guild, city, voice-over programs, etc.).

If there is favorable response, that person is usually the default leader until further notice. Questions about the group and its formation location should be directed to that person. The next step is to clear chat, including voice chat, of all nonessential noise so the PvP group can form and communicate. If you will be using voice-over programs, you can move from nation to the voice channel after the group is formed. However, some people will not have access to voice type programs, so some form of typed chat will usually be needed. This is especially true in siege situations where there are numerous groups.

For more information, or to check out the full guide, follow the links provided below.

Shadowbane PvP Guide
Wolfpack Studios

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