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Friday, April 23, 2004

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Everquest Mac Contacts Clarified
8:50 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

A news post on the Mac Everquest Fansite EQMac may bring some hope to those currently having issues with the game. The site report points to a post on the official Everquest forums, showing a recent post by a Sony Online Entertainment employee, clarifying contact information for the Mac version. Here's the news post from EQMac:

Posted today on the SOE forums was the following reply from CSR Stephen R to Wingdo (SunRa). I have reposted it here for all to see, as I believe we might need to review how we report problems about Al'Kabor and EQMac

Hello wingdo,

I can understand your frustration, having been on the short end of the petition stick myself on a few occasions.

Currently it is no secret that occasionally there are issues with the /petition system. Whether you attribute these errors to technical issues or customer service really doesn't matter. All that matters is that you get the help you need.

With that goal in mind, I've compiled a list of contact methods that I believe you will find useful:

1. TECHNICAL ISSUES (Crashing, loading, graphics issues, sound issues, etc.)

- You are welcome to post on the technical forums (here). Most likely Robert will respond to you. Please bear in mind that we are typically out of the office on weekends.

- Please send an email to eqmac@soe.sony.com. Most likely I will respond to you. Again, please bear in mind that we typically out of the office on weekends.

2. INGAME ISSUES REQUIRING A GM (Lost items, player dispute, rollback, etc.)

- You can use the /petition system in game. I understand that there are issues (both perceived and real), but it is a valid option.

- You can send an email to eqmail@soe.sony.com with the subject line ATTN: AL-KABOR GM. This will be routed to a GM for review.

- You can send an email to eqmac@soe.sony.com with the subject line ATTN: AL-KABOR GM. This will be routed to a GM for review by me personally.

3. BUGS/CONTENT ISSUES (PoP flags, "Sound Bug," etc.)

- Currently, there are two email accounts set up for this: feedback@soe.sony.com and eqfeedback@soe.sony.com. Both of these are reviewed by management.

For more information on this, or for more information on Everquest, follow the links provided below.

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