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Tuesday, September 19, 2000
World Sports Cars Movie
12:22 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A helpful IMG reader brought to our attention the release of a QuickTime movie of World Sports Cars, the hyper-realistic racing sim in development by West Racing. While no Mac OS version of this title is currently planned, the creators revealed in an interview last Spring that they were definitely thinking in a cross-platform direction.

This short movie, posted by fansite Sim Racing Mag, features a Lotus GT1 in action. Here is a description, with details on the game itself:

I've been given "permission" to post this movie of a nice LOTUS Esprit Turbo V8 (GT1 class), the movie is not a latest, but shows you how promissing WSC will be. Also more news about : WSC will come with 6-8 tracks on release, and will feature more tracks to come in a sort of "expansion pack" (like a collectors series). That also means more cars from that expansion pack or others in the future. Another track from US will be featured on release, but can't tell now. Have to wait approval from Empire on this. Let's say it's one of those famous US tracks that have hosted 24 hours endurance race in the past and present (don't ask me, won't tell)
Sim Racing Mag also has a 'first impressions' article about WSC that they published earlier this month. This is a title for real racing fans, for the type of fanatic who can identify the model of a car from the sound of the engine alone.

While there are no firm plans to make a Mac OS version of this game, the developers have discussed creating an OpenGL version which would greatly facilitate a port. The game is due for the PC in the second quarter of 2001, but a demo for the PC is expected to be released in the next few months.

As the tremendous popularity of the 4x4 Evolution public beta (nearing 18,000 downloads from Macgamefiles in just over a week) reveals, Mac gamers are incredibly hungry for racing titles. With the addition of powerful graphics hardware from 3dfx, ATI and NVIDIA, early next year a Mac OS port of WSC may seem a no-brainer.

World Sports Cars Closer to Mac?
WSC Movie (12 MB)
WSC First Impressions from ECTS
Sim Racing Mag

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