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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
The Chronicles of Ny Interview
8:45 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The Warcry News Network has posted an interview with ClownKeep, a young group of indie developers looking to bring old school RPGs to the gaming community. Their current project is The Chronicles of Ny, an RPG that they currently plan to release in an episodic format.

One of the features stressed by the developers involves that of well-rounded party members. Rather than have a bunch of flat characters, ClownKeep is working to develop members with unique personalities, traits, and goals in the hopes that players will view them as more than just tools to be used.

Ny is currently being developed using the Torque engine, and Mac, PC, and Linux versions are all being developed. When the interviewer asks about the viability of the Mac market, ClownKeep notes the success of the Mac user base in past Torque engine-using titles:

GarageGames has said that nearly 40-60 percent of their revenue comes from Mac and Linux users. This is simply something an indie cannot ignore. We feel supporting these communities will be a blessing in the long run.
Also covered are the influences behind Ny's design, its backstory, and the number of episodes currently being planned.

Interview with ClownKeep, the developers of The Chronicles of Ny

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