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Tuesday, September 19, 2000

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Myst III: Exile FAQ Update
10:59 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The official Myst III: Exile site has been recently updated with more Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. The new additions discuss ports of the game to consoles, release dates in Europe and Australia, the theatrical trailer and more. Here's an excerpt about whether there will be a demo of Exile:

Will there be a demo released?

There are no plans to release a public demo of Myst III: Exile. By not creating a demo, Presto will finish the development of Myst III: Exile in the shortest possible timeframe.

Considering that the game uses 360-degree animated panoramas instead of the static shots of the previous titles, they are saving fans a lot of download time as well. There are many other interesting parts of the FAQ for those anticipating this third title in the series. Here are some excerpts:
Will it be released on DVD?

Yes! Plans are underway to release MYST III: Exile on one DVD disk.

How many CD's will MYST III: Exile be released on?

The game will be released on 4 CD's.

Will one require hardware acceleration? ( like a Voodoo 3 card)

No, the game will run excellently on a Pentium 300 with MMX without hardware acceleration. People with hardware acceleration will be able to see some advanced features, such as water movement and environmental effects.

There is no word yet on how hardware support will be implemented on the Mac OS side; support for RAVE or OpenGL would be necessary for those with ATI cards to enjoy the full experience. The fact that they did not specify an API may mean that they plan to support all common ones.

Head to the Exile site for lots of other details on this title. Progress on this game seems to be steady, and a release is expected this Spring.

Myst III: Exite FAQ
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Myst III: Exile
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