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Monday, March 29, 2004

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Mac Alida Coming to Europe
8:25 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

e.p.i.c interactive has recently announced that it will be bringing Alida to Mac gamers in Europe. A graphical adventure along the same lines as Myst, Alida allows players to explore a theme park constructed by a band bearing the name of the game title.

Alida is really an unusual place, shaped like a 330 metre long guitar. As Alida was nearing completion things got complicated, the Bands popularity was waning and money stopped coming in. Distrust set in. Each of the band members claimed different areas of Alida for themselves where they devised weird and elaborate systems to protect their wealth. They retracted from each other finally leaving Alida uninhabited. Fifteen years later one of the guys is missing on Alida...
e.p.i.c. currently plans on starting shipments of Alida around Easter. Requirements include OS 10.1.5 or better and at least a G3/400.

epic interactie - News
IMG - Alida Publishing Details Announced
Dejavu Worlds

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