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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

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World of Warcraft Beta Journal
7:24 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

With the start of the World of Warcraft beta, the reports on Blizzard Entertainments upcoming MMORPG are beginning to pop up on the internet. One such preview can be found over at MMORPGDot, where one of the staff has started to write a journal of his adventures in the World of Warcraft. The first entry covers starting out, and how well quests are integrated in the game.

From the article:

As has been reported, the very first thing you see upon entering the game is a friendly NPC with a yellow exclamation point above his head. Someone has a quest for you! In Anvil Marr, there are two NPCs right next to each other with stuff they want you to do. One would like you to clear out the wolf population a bit, the other would like you to deliver a letter to a friend of his just down the road a piece. From these simple favours, you are swept up into a series of quests that define what it is that distinguishes World of Warcraft from the other Massively Multiplayer games.
To read the full article, head over to MMORPGDot with help of the link provided below.

For those who feel left out of the beta, remember that Blizzard will accept more applicants for each stage of the beta, so you might still be lucky enough to get in at a later stage. IMG will continue to cover the progress of World of Warcraft as it heads towards release, so stay tuned to our news page for the latest information.

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