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Monday, September 18, 2000
X-Plane 5.39 Update
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The team at Laminar Research has produced yet another update to their flexible, ultra-realistic flight simulator X-Plane which is a must-have for fans of the game. This new version reduces RAM requirements, increases speed and fixes a crashing bug. Here is a short excerpt from the huge list of fixes and additions in this version:

X-Plane 5.39 is here!

(5.37 had a RAM-problem that could result in serious crashes on the Mac, possibly corrupting your operating system! If you got 5.37 on a Mac, delete THE ENTIRE FOLDER and replace it with 5.39 at once! We apologize for this error!)

5.39 is a "technical" release which irons out a few final details and format issues to put the power-users where they want to be, and reduces RAM and increases frame-rate a bit for all of us.

RAM requirement down THIRTY PERCENT! RAM needed down from about 45 meg down to about 30! We have been optimizing frame-rate HARD recently.. now we are knocking down the RAM reqmnts through optimizations and re-organizations as well!

A few more frame-rate optimizations... you should see a few percent more frame-rate with scattered clouds.

Now you can land helos on custom objects that you build! Also you can land helos on ALL tall buildings, not just the ones that have helipads on top. Maker your own challenging buildings to land helos on!

This complex and flexible flight sim can simulate flights in outer space, shuttle landings, VTOL aircraft and even gliders. Make sure you grab the update from Macgamefiles; a demo is also available.

Laminar Research
X-Plane 5.39 Demo (60 MB)
X-Plane 5.39 Update (4 MB)

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