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Monday, September 18, 2000

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Rune Interview
8:16 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Our CGA partner Stomped has recently spoken with HumanHead's Dale Halsted about his level designs for their Viking adventure game Rune. This is the first of four interviews Stomped will be publishing this week. The title is slated for a release later this Fall, and many are eyeing this 3rd person adventure/slasher with much anticipation. Here's a clip:

Stomped: What kinds of setting can the player expect to see and explore in the game?

Halsted: Major areas include the deep underworld, the land of the goblins, Hel’s domain, snowy mountains, the massive village fortress of Thorstadt, the land of the Dwarves, etc. We’ve been good about staying tight-lipped on the latter chunk of the game, and there are some great surprises there. What really impresses me is the sheer variety of these environments; everybody touts that as a feature these days, but our areas are all as distinct as the hands that made them, down to looks, creatures, and even game flow. You can walk around here from an office where one guy is making a dank, spooky and expansive goblin domain with Goblins hopping about their homes, and in the office next door someone’ll be working on a crazy red-glowing Hel-scape with hordes of zombies swarming Ragnar amidst pounding drums and blaring horns. Everyone’s going to have a definite favorite area of the game, and I bet people’s preferences will vary a good bit as each section really is so individual; we mappers had an incredible amount of freedom in our designs and visuals.

The team has added many features to the Unreal Tournament engine to create Rune, and the visuals we've seen so far look amazing. The setting in Norse mythology should also be a nice change of pace for many gamers burnt-out on sci-fi or fanatasy games. Rune should be out this Fall for the PC, quickly followed by the Mac version (thanks to Westlake Interactive).

Stomped Q&A with Dave Halsted
Rune Web Site
Gathering of Developers
Human Head Studios
Westlake Interactive

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