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Wednesday, March 3, 2004
Aspyr February Newsletter Newsbits
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As is customary at this time of the month, Aspyr Media released the February issue of the company's popular newsletter. In addition to news that The Sims: Makin' Magic expansion pack for The Sims has begun shipping, the newsletter provides updates on some of their upcoming games.

First up is news that Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, the second expansion pack to the WW II first person shooter, Medal of Honor, is in the final candidate stage of development. This is the final testing phase before the game is declared "gold" and is sent to manufacturing.

Aspyr also reveals that Space Colony is in alpha, while Call of Duty and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Ring are both in beta.

The newsletter also includes some interesting information regarding their internal development team, which has now grown to five programmers:

Aspyr Studios, our internal development group, has now grown to five programmers! They are hard at work a several exciting new Mac games for 2004. Recently all of Aspyr's programmers participated in a "Games Summit" sponsored by Apple Computer, where they were able to work directly with Apple engineers on optimizations for the G5 and Panther. They also had a chance to work with new technologies and give Apple feedback on ways to make the Mac an even better gaming platform.

Better Gameplay
Upgrading your Mac to use the latest version of OS X, Panther, can help your favorite games run even better. Especially 3D games that need to run as fast as possible. Panther includes several updates to OpenGL, the interface games use to talk to the Mac's video card, that make it faster and more stable. Several of Aspyr's upcoming games in 2004 are going to run best on Panther, so upgrading soon will not only make your existing games run better but ensure you are ready to play this year's upcoming hits.

Adding RAM
Another big improvement for gameplay on your Mac can ! come from adding more RAM. If you only have 256MB of RAM, your Mac may not be able to fit all of a game's graphics and levels in memory, and have to swap them out to the harddrive. This might cause your game to pause unexpectedly or hiccup as it grabs data from the hard drive when it needs it. Upgrading to 512MB or even 1GB of RAM will give you smoother gameplay.

Aspyr recently released several new patches for games like SimCity 4, NASCAR 2003, and Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. If you have had any problems with your Aspyr games, make sure and check the support pages on to see if a patch is available for your game.

The February newsletter also includes a cool mini-interview with Karen Halloran, a former IMG writer, who now works in the technical support department at Aspyr. To check out the entire newsletter, follow the link below.

Aspyr Media
Aspyr February Newsletter

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