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Friday, February 20, 2004
Feral: Worms 3D Site, XIII Status, CM Winners
8:13 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A number of news updates from Feral Interactive today give insights into popular upcoming games from this UK-based company. Worms 3D, the latest 3D foray for this classic series, now has a mini-site at Feral with a list of features, screenshots from the Mac version and more.

Here's the gameplay description in case you're unfamiliar with what the series is all about:

Worms 3D still has the same pick-up-and-play ease with quirky humour. While taking advantage of the extra dimension - the move to 3D has not changed any part of the premise of Worms – it’s still your team of between one and five worms taking turns to lob missiles, grenades, homing pigeons and exploding bananas across an unlimited number of randomly generated but fully destructible playfields. To this end, the gameplay remains relatively unchanged yet enhanced: relying on you, the player to judge the trajectory and strength of your shots in order to inflict maximum damage on opponents. All the favourite weapons such as dynamite, bazooka, grenade and sheep are all still present and correct, and additions such as ‘Wormpot’ have been included too.
IMG contacted Feral for more info on when Worms 3D might be made available, and Camille Thouvenin was nice enough to say they're still shooting for Q2 with the game.

In other news, Feral announced the cell-shaded shooter XIII is "coming incredibly well" and should be ready for a mid-April release. Here's their plan for releasing more info on the title:

Every week between now and then new a new element of the XIII mini-site will be going live. Today there's a brand new teaser trailer with more clues to XIII's identity, some new screenshots, and new features and links pages.

Check back next week to get up close and personal with the main characters - the Mongoose awaits.

Stay tuned for more from IMG on XIII in the coming weeks as well.

Finally, in a follow-up to an earlier contest, Feral has announced the winners among the buyers of Championship Manager 03/04. If you purchased the game from their online store, head over to their news page to see if you've won.

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Archives  News  Feral: Worms 3D Site, XIII Status, CM Winners