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Friday, September 15, 2000

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Rune Requirements
10:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Rune is probably one of our most anticipated titles due this Fall. This 3rd-person Viking adventure game has amazing graphics, and who doesn't want to shorten a few opponents by about a head's length?

Recently, the official web site for this game posted the system requirements for the PC version of Rune. The recommended system is rather powerful, with a P3 450 Mhz machine indicated as the optimal setup for this game. Since the release of Deus Ex, we now know that not all Unreal-based games require the same hardware. We went ahead and asked Westlake Interactive's Mark Adams if he had any idea of what the Mac version of Rune might demand from your Mac, and what an optimal system configuation might be. Here's his reply:

No official requirements for the Mac yet, but they will be at least as
steep as Deus Ex, with a recommended CPU higher (similar to the P3/450
although maybe not quite that high).
Quite a few players felt burned by low frame rates in Deus Ex (though many admit the gameplay is still amazing), so hopefully Rune will be a bit better in that area. From what we've seen demoed at expos, the game looks amazing and runs very smoothly, and it doesn't have the large, flat outdoor areas that the UT engine is so poor at handling. A more accurate idea of the system requirement for the Mac version of this title should be announced as the title reaches Beta within the next month.

RuneGame Web Site
Westlake Interactive Web Site
Gathering of Developers
Human Head Studios
Westlake Interactive

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