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Thursday, February 5, 2004

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Apple Features Republic: The Revolution
9:28 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Apple has posted a new feature on Feral's upcoming Repuplic: The Revolution. Following the fall of the mighty Soviet Union, the Republic of Novistrana verges on collapse, and numerous factions struggle for power. Starting with nothing more than a small base of local support, you must challenge the state and build a nationwide faction powerful enough to oust the President and enforce a new Republic.

Here's a clip from the article:

The characters who join your faction are just a few of the literally thousands of characters running around Novistrana. You start the game in a provincial city called Ekaterine and hold some political clout in just one of its districts, but itís enough to get you started. You direct your character to engage in actions, such as recruiting new members or gaining knowledge of certain areas, and as new members join your faction you can direct them to undertake tasks too. To build power, you must keep your underlings happy while weakening other factionsí influence throughout the city.
The game is currently being ported to the Mac by Zonic and will be published later this year by Feral Interactive. To check out the entire feature, please follow the link below.

Feral Interactive
Republic: The Revolution
Apple Feature: Republic: The Revolution
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