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Friday, February 6, 2004

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Black & White 2 Development Diary
7:00 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

PC Gaming website GameSpy has recently posted part four of their on-going Black & White 2 Developer Diary series.

In this entry, John McLean-Foreman, story writer for developer Lionhead Studios, briefly discusses some the technical challenges faced by game designers when creating a new graphics engine. From the article -

Another aspect that I would never have thought of, but have learned is also vitally important, is the design of the art tools. As David puts it, you can have a great 3D engine, but if you have crap artwork, or no way to properly transfer beautiful artwork into the game, then the final product is still crap. With that in mind, he and the 3D team have worked very hard to create a toolset that is not only easy to use, but allows the artists the flexibility to be inventive within their area of expertise.
While the issues covered in the diary may be old hat to experienced game developes, the article should be of interest to new game creators out there looking for advice on creating their first title. The diaries also give a unique insight into the creation, execution, and gameplay of the upcoming sequel.

Black & White 2 is the sequel to Peter Molyneux's highly-acclaimed god sim, first released on the PC in early 2000. Building on the previous game's strengths and bypassing its weaknesses, the new title promises to enhance the playing experience by minimizing the micro-management aspect of the game, and encouraging players to "be involved in events deserving of a god's attention". Gameplay is rumored to take more of a real time strategy slant, with Creatures leading huge armies into battles of the kind of scope seen in the Lord Of The Rings movies.

Black & White 2 is currently listed as being in development, and is expected to be released for the PC in October 2004. While no plans to port the tite to the Mac have officially been announced, gamers eager to get their hands on the title should look to Great Britain as gaming publishing powerhouse Feral Interactive have expressed interest in licensing the title. Anyone curious about what this game is all about should head over to the IMG Store, where the Black & White Platinum Pack can be ordered for $39 USD ($34 for IMG Pro and MacGamesCD subscribers).

Black & White 2 Developer's Diary
Lionhead Studios
Black & White II
Black & White
Feral Interactive
IMG Store: Black & White Platinum Pack

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