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Monday, February 2, 2004

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Mac UT2004 Demo Status
7:49 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In a weekend post to Ryan Gordon's status page, this OS X/Linux guru working for Epic attempts to clarify statements made in an IRC chat last week regarding demo and boxed versions of Unreal Tournament 2004.

Gordon points out that while the Mac box (courtesy of MacSoft) will be separate from the Windows and Linux version, it will be coming around the same timeframe. He expects the difference between the demos and dedicated servers to be even less. Here's his full post with more:

For those that missed the irc chat last night, here's some basic truths,
and other stuff that wasn't explicitly covered:

- UT2004 for x86 Linux will be in the retail box, like ut2003.
- UT2004 for amd64 Linux will be in the retail box, too.
- UT2004 for MacOS X will be a seperate product, published through MacSoft, but will be (near) simultaneous release.
- Demos will be available for all these platforms at roughly the same time as win32...but there might be a few hours of stagger time; I'm one guy doing all these ports. :)
- Same deal for dedicated servers.
- There's a Linux penguin on the retail box this time.
- The demo is coming out in "two weeks".

You can pre-order Unreal Tournament 2004 now through the IMG store, with a discounted price of $37.95 for IMG Pro/MGCD subscribers.

In a semi-related note, Epic's Mark Rein has announced the five maps to be included in the game's demo on Beyond Unreal. Head on over if you're curious.

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