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Friday, January 30, 2004
Phelios Presents Abracadabra
8:45 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Phelios makers of games such as Swap and Helix, have recently introduced a new title to their lineup. Named Abracadabra and made using the PTK Engine, Abracadabra is an arcade-style action game that challenges players to make or break walls as they attempt to clear each level.

Create or destroy your destiny with the "Whack!" of a magic wand. That wand, by the way, is of key importance and could save your life. With it, you and your wizard friend can make or break walls. Your mission is to find a key without having your journey thwarted. Youíll use your supernatural powers wisely to protect you from the crazy creatures trying to foil your task. Donít worry, there isnít just evil lurking, youíll also discover mystical fairies that will take you shopping! Yup, grab some gold and fill your life with ka-ching, to buy extra power and other magical things.
Abracadabra features tutorials in a variety of languages, and the full version boasts over 115 levels. Those interested in trying it out can download a demo directly from Phelios.

Phelios - Abracadabra

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Archives  News  Phelios Presents Abracadabra