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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

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Aspyr Rolls-out Massive Nascar 2003 Updates
8:07 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media, in a new round of patch-releasing, has updated their latest racer NASCAR Racing 2003 Season to version 1.2.7. In addition to this massive patch, which weighs in at 265MB, they have also provided Mac versions of popular Project Wildfire modifications for the game.

The 1.2.7 patch contains a large number of changes to the gameplay, bug fixes, as well as Mac-specific tweaks. One significant difference is that network compatibility has changed with the update, and you'll only be able to play or host games running "" servers. The full list is included with the ReadMe, but here's a small sample of relevant Mac changes:

  • Added "doubleSqrt" option to the config.ini file. This uses a full precision square root routine instead of the G4 square root estimator. If you set the option to zero the estimator will be used, which may cause stuttering in corners. Unless the game is running on a G5 in which case the very fast G5 fsqrt operator will be used.
  • Up/down arrow & return keys work in the in track dialog.
  • Additional OpenGl optimizations.
  • The multiplayer network time skew limit has been increased to 8 seconds to allow late data packets more time to arrive before the client clock is smashed (causing the scene to jump).
  • Head over to Macgamefiles now to start downloading the patch.

    Project Wildfire is a team dedicated to extending the live of NASCAR 2003 with things like their "Grand IROC mod," "Grand National Series mod," and "Craftsman Truck Series mod." All three of these now are compatible with the Mac version of the game and can be downloaded from Macgamefiles as well. While Aspyr can't officially support the modifications, you should be able to get them up-and-running after installing the 1.2.7 patch.

    For more on NASCAR 2003, be sure to read through IMG's review of the title.

    Download NASCAR 2003 1.2.7 Update (265MB)
    Download Project Wildfire Modifications to NASCAR 2003
    IMG Review: NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
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    Aspyr Media
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