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Monday, January 26, 2004
New GameRanger Updates
10:03 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

The Macintosh exclusive online gaming service GameRanger has received two subsequent updates, bringing it up to version 3.6.1. GameRanger lets Mac users get head to head in online games as well as chat with each-other outside of the games.

Changes in 3.6:

  • Added iChat support for setting Away status+message+icon for Premium users while in a game
  • Added an "is typing" indicator for Private Messages
  • Private Message windows are now offset behind each other so you can see the title bars rather than completely overlapping
  • Private Message windows will now override the "Block All" setting (similar to Block All Except Buddies)
  • You can no longer send a private message to someone you have blocked
  • Added a "smart" Hosting Help link in the Help menu that is customized with your local, public and router IP addresses.
  • Added a "joined GameRanger" message instead of just "joined the room"
  • Added tooltips for long game room descriptions in the game list
  • Added Premium expiry date to the user info window
  • Added Premium renewal reminder suppport
  • Added an option to disable sounds while Away
  • Added a hotkey label for the F16 function key on newer keyboards
  • Host name in game list now uses the same colour as user lists (eg. buddies appear in their colour)
  • User info windows now use relative times, Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow.
  • Fixed a bug pasting Unicode text
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.5.3 where the user list wasn't always sorted correctly after a rename
  • Fixed a problem logging out (of Mac OS X) while the connection window was showing
  • Worked around a Logitech USB mic bug
  • Changes in 3.6.1:
  • Worked around changes in the recent Jedi Knight II updates
  • Tweaked the renewal reminder messages
  • Fixed a mic bug introduced by the Logitech USB mic workaround
  • To download the updates you only need to open your GameRanger application and let it do the work for you. For more information about GameRanger, please visit the official site.


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