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Monday, January 26, 2004

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New Mac Savage 2.0 Status
8:06 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Sam McGrath of S2Games made another post in the Savage forums over the weekend, discussing the status of the Mac build of this strategy/shooter.

He first reiterates that the just-released 2.0 patch is running on a Mac, and that they have "recently sent a build off to Apple to take a look at."

Apparently, according to McGrath, they are dealing mostly with quirks of the Mac environment rather than cross-platform issues in their codebase. Here's more of an explanation from him:

The port was quite easy. The hard part was just figuring out how to set up the compiler environment to compile the project, and what components to download. Most of that was done by Slothy before he left S2.

From the start I made sure the engine would be endian-safe, so the chip architecture wasn't really an issue. Our use of SDL for the system layer, OpenGL for the graphics layer, and a generally well abstracted engine meant almost no code had to be added or changed between the Linux and Mac ports.

Stay tuned to IMG for the latest on Savage as it pushes through the final testing blocks and towards a release.

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