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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Blizzard Q&A Talks World of Warcraft
12:00 PM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

A new Q&A with Blizzard insiders regarding the company's upcoming MMORPG World Of Warcraft was posted yesterday on community forum site RpgForums.net.

The post, which contains answers to almost thirty questions, addresses fans' enquiries regarding the progress of the multiplayer game, from the availability of the game's beta to specific content and game behavior questions. Here's a brief sample:

After I sign up for the beta test, how long will it be until people are selected and testing begins?
I could tell you what we’re shooting for, but considering our track record for keeping dates … you know that we’d end up missing it and then you would all be screaming, “Katricia said!!!” The development team wants to ensure that things are ready for the beta test. While they are working hard to make this happen (and happen by a specific date), there are always unexpected things that might happen which delay this or that. Rest assured that we want you folks to start testing just the moment that things are ready and everyone here is striving to make that happen soon.

What is the time cycle in WoW?
Currently, the game is set to run on a 24 hour time cycle which is dependant on where each server is located. This is one of those things that is being looked at closely and is subject to change before the game is released.

Can you summon a cute cuddly kitten in the game?
No, but I’m still working on this one! I just know if I keep bringing the dev’s donuts, they will eventually give in. (A little bribe can go a long way!)

Hmmmmm..... Donuts..... I wish my staff thought along the same lines. Check out the thorough Q&A by clicking on the link below.

RpgForums.Net: New World of Warcraft Q&A
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