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Thursday, September 14, 2000

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Red Faction Info
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A fourth installment of fiction/backstory for Volition's upcoming FPS Red Faction has been posted at PCIGN, and new screen shots have arrived as well. Developed by the creators of the Descent series, this first-person shooter will attempt to take the genre one step further with a deep storyline, great graphics, and an amazing Geo-Mod engine which allows players to destroy actual map elements such as walls, floors and windows -- even entire buildings.

VoodooExtreme has posted 23 screen shots from the game, which is still in development. While some of them look familiar, they are all very high resolution and worth a look.

PCIGN has posted the fourth of their character sketches inspired by the storyline of Red Faction. This latest post is an excerpt from the diary of the dangerous mercenary leader Colonel Masako. She and her troops are on Mars at the request of the evil Ultor corporation, though she's not exactly happy about it. Here's a clip:

When Ultor called us to Mars three months ago, I thought the execs had panicked. Now I don't know. It's going to get ugly down here. There's a tide rising that just might sweep Ultor's ass right off this planet. The security guards have held it back so far, but they won't last long when it breaks. We'll weather it though; we always have. Those miners are tough. With the right leadership they'll flatten the guards. But they don't stand a chance against my mercs.
We're betting you'll get to the chance to lead the miners to revolt, as you play Parker in the solo game, a miner involved in some sort of conspiracy that spurs him to take matters into his own hands. For more on his background, check the previous character sketches based on the game posed at IGN.

Red Faction is set to be released early next year. Mac, PC, and Playstation 2 versions are underway by Volition and should be completed at the same time.

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