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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

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Soldier of Fortune II Q&A Posted
6:00 AM | Chris Stein | Comment on this story

An interesting Q&A interview with John Zuk, project lead for the intense first-person shooter Soldier of Fortune II, has been posted on Planet Soldier.com. In the interview, Zuk talks about the development of Soldier of Fortune II, the mod community and the future of first-person shooters.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

What went right?
The number one thing that went ‘right’ was our decision to add multiplayer. SoF2 was in its design phase when it appeared the genre was splitting in two. On the one side, you had Quake and UT doing multiplayer only games, and on the other, games like Deus Ex that were single player only. E3 opened our eyes to how many people really wanted multiplayer in SoF2. The decision was made to add it in soon after, and fortunately; we did it before it was too late.

Another thing that really worked well was our NPC model design. Instead of having to do dozens upon dozens of unique characters, some of which were seen only once or twice, we did 10. However, we made significant use of GHOUL 2’s bolt-on system and surface features to make the 10 models look like the over 75 characters we had in the game. This system was one of the few areas of the game that had significant pre-planning and it worked smoothly because of it.

You can check out the interview at the link below.

Soldier of Fortune II was ported by the Omni Group released for Mac by MacPlay in September last year.

Q&A interview with Jon Zuk
Omni Group
Raven Software
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Archives  News  Soldier of Fortune II Q&A Posted