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Wednesday, September 13, 2000

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New WaterRace Info
2:55 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Sieger's Post, a site for developers and gamers alike, has posted a new feature on French Touch's upcoming Mac-only game, WaterRace. They have posted details on the storyline, characters, and also interviewed business manager Stéphane Rosset. There is a lot of great information available, so be sure and check it out. WaterRace is a high-speed boat racing game with great 3D effects and models. One of the most exciting features is the included terrain and model editor, which allows editing in realtime. There are screenshots of both editors in the feature. Here's a clip from the Q&A about the power of these tools:

Mirage2k: The Infinity Model Builder and Infinity Terrain Builder look to be great tools. But many bundled editing tools, such as Bungie's Fear and Loathing, aren't used by the average player because they seem too complex. Realistically, do you think the average player will be able to take advantage of Infinity?

Stéphane: Well we hope so. There is a real difference between Bungie's 3D game tools (or any other 3D game editing tool) and ours: it's simplicity. Our tools were designed from the ground up to be used by non-experienced 3D people since most people in our team when we started working on the game had no experience with 3D. So no command line but a simple and nice user interface, WYSIWYG, drag and drop, etc... Of course not everyone will be able to create new levels from nothing, but I'm sure almost everyone will be able to easily modify existing ones.

WaterRace is looking to be an amazing Mac-only title that should be out this Fall. For more on the game, check out their web site.

WaterRace Web Site
Sieger's Post WaterRace Feature
French Touch

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