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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Black Isle Studios Shut Down
6:00 AM | Chris Stein | Comment on this story

Black Isle Studios has been shut down, according to a post on the Interplay message boards. The post was made by Damien "Puuk" Foletto, a member of BIS's art department. BIS's upcoming releases included the hack and slash Playstation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube game Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2, and the PC RPG Fallout 3.

Foletto stated on the message board:

Today was my last day at the (former) BIS, as it was for my whole team. I just wanted to say farewell to the best fans in the industry, and thanks for all the great feedback and support. I don't know where I'll end up, but know that we were all avid gamers and wanted to make the PC games that not only we wanted to play, but also the fans.
Specualtion over the reasons for BIS's closure points to legal trouble between BIS and licensor Wizards of the Coast, which resulted in a halt on the development of their upcoming Dungeon and Dragons game, code-named Jefferson. After the game was shelved, BIS lost much of its development staff including J.E. Sawyer, the lead designer for Fallout 3 and a major player in the development of the Icewind Dale Series. Also, legal trouble in BIS's parent company Interplay, which resulted in Interplay's two main holiday releases being delayed until January, and the loss of $20 million dollars over the past year, may have been condusive to BIS's shutdown.

BIS is the developer of several well known RPGs, most of which are licensed as part of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise. Throughout the years BIS has developed the Baldur's Gate series, the Icewind Dale Series and the Fallout series, as well a several other games.

Interplay Forums- Black Isle Shutdown

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