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Wednesday, September 13, 2000
New Oni Tidbits, Contradictions
10:21 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A post in the forums by Bungie's community spokesperson Matt Soell offers some new information on the full-contact action game Oni. In addition, is now reporting the game to be in beta testing now. According to Soell, the version of Oni shown at ECTS was for the Playstation 2, not the Mac or PC builds of the game. Soell also made an earlier post to the forum, saying "If the October date slips, I doubt it would be by that much. This refutes previews from ECTS we reported on previously this week in which a spokesperson from Rockstar, the company working on the Playstation 2 port, claimed Oni was delayed well into next year. Here's a clip from Soell on ECTS and new aspects of the game itself:

1. I spoke to Alex this afternoon and he tells me the version of Oni displayed at ECTS was the PS2 version. So nyah. ;-)

2. Booted up the latest build to relieve some frustration by beating down virtual suckas. Noticed for the first time the slick new impact stuff. Those of you who didn't like the flashes of light that used to denote the impact of a foot or fist will be pleased with how they look now.

3. Lorraine has done some great art for the win/loss screens and not all of it is in there yet but the ones that are look groovy.

4. I was running in 1280x1024/32bit color on an 18" monitor and it looked pretty darn nifty.

5. More to come, hopefully with photographic evidence soon. Other beta-testers should remember that Bungie gives me special dispensation to shoot my mouth off, and anyone who breaks their NDA will have to deal with the murderous fury of Ryan Hylland. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

This doesn't completely put the issue to rest, however, as a new post to the comments section our recent original story reveals. In a new post, EuroGamer Editor-in-Chief John Bye defends their article which claimed that Oni will not be released until next year. Here's his post in full:
Hi folks Sorry I'm a bit late to the party - I only just found this thread... Just to set things straight, the information in the Oni preview we posted on EuroGamer is based on what we saw of the game (in both PC and PS2 versions) and what we were told by the people demonstrating them. The "50% complete" refers to the PS2 version which our assistant editor (who wrote most of the preview) saw.

As for the March 2001 release date, we just got a new release schedule from publisher Take 2 this morning, and it confirms that both the PS2 *and* PC versions are now due for release in the UK during the first quarter of 2001. Sorry guys, these are just the facts as we have been told them. Insulting us won't change them. ;)

John "Gestalt" Bye

Editor-In-Chief -

The status of Oni has been the subject of debate for months now, and these pieces of contradictory information do little to clarify the situation. Pending official word on Bungie letterhead (and not in a forum post), it seems the final decision as to when Oni hits the streets has either not been made or is unknown at this time. What is apparent is that the publishing date of this title is up to Take Two Interactive, not Bungie. If indeed the PS2 version of this game is several months behind the Mac and PC versions, it is unclear at this time if Take Two and Gathering of Developers will hold all versions for a single release, or publish the Mac and PC versions as soon as they are complete. It is also important to note that Beta does not mean 'ready next week' -- many games, such as Unreal Tournament, Quake 3 Arena and Diablo II were in Beta testing for six months or more. We'll contact all parties involved and try to sort through this mess of contradictory claims.

IMG: No Oni Until March 2001? Comments Thread

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