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Tuesday, September 12, 2000

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Tomb Raider 5 Q&A
3:25 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameSpot UK has posted the first part of an interview with Core Design's Adrian Smith. In the Q&A, Smith discusses the upcoming final installment in their current series of Lara Croft-based games, Tomb Raider: Chronicles. Essentially, Chronicles continues where The Last Revelation left off. The game consists of four unrelated main stories which you get to play out, which cover previously unrevealed episodes from Lara's unusually exciting life. Here's more of a description from Smith:

The four levels are very independent and stand up on their own. Chronicles is also about combining all the elements we had in all the earlier TR games. I am pleased to say this will be the last one on the current technology. The reason being that, for the PC people, we will actually include all the level editors and all the tools we used to use to create the Tomb Raider series so far. So the consumers will be able to create, share and even pass around the internet the levels that they have created. We'll also be able to give out some of our favourite levels on the website that have never been seen and some of the old levels from previous games.

It is going to be the last game and is the focus of all the games combined together. This is not a new game - the new game is Next Generation. It's an evolution of TR4 into Chronicles.

Not too much is known about the Next Generation games, though many will welcome a revolutionary change to the TR series. Chronicles will have a few new moves for Lara and more inventory combinations, so the die-hard fans shouldn't be disappointed.

No official announcement has been made about a Mac version, though it's likely Aspyr and Westlake will bring Chronicles to the Mac. It's also unknown at this time if the level editor for the series might make it to the Mac as well. Read the rest of the interview for more information.

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