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Monday, September 11, 2000

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United Developers Status, Staff Update
6:07 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Jason "job hoppin'" Whong has presented a triple dose of information from United Developers, the company formed by Ritual Entertainment's Ron Dimant to port games to the Mac OS. The first part of this update is a status report on the three Mac titles UD has in development -- or rather, is almost ready to ship. As this status report reveals, these games should be on shelves quite soon:

The status of United Developers, LLC's announced Macintosh entertainment software titles is as follows:

Majesty - The Macintosh development of this innovative strategy game is nearing completion. The ultimate fantasy kingdom simulator, developed and converted to Macintosh by Cyberlore, is now in Beta version 4. The original Windows version of the game recently garnered a 91 rating in FamilyPC and 4 stars in Computer Gaming World.

Sin - United Developers is certain that Colonel John R. Blade will be blasting his way past the unholy mutant army of SinTEK in time for the holiday season, now that the Mac version has hit its first beta release. The game was developed by Ritual Entertainment, and converted to Macintosh by Contraband Entertainment.

Wages of Sin - Thanks to the high quality of work on the Sin conversion by Contraband, this mission pack (which requires the full version of Sin to play) is now at release candidate 1. The extra weapons, enemies, and missions provide Mac users with even deadlier ways to sin.

Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe - This ultra-realistic World War II flight combat simulator is somewhat earlier in its development schedule than the other announced projects. Originally developed by Parsoft Interactive, the Macintosh version of the game is slated to hit its first beta release fairly soon.

Macintosh gamers will have much to look forward to in the coming months. The first releases from United Developers are sure to satisfy the tastes of discriminating Mac gamers everywhere.

We have to agree. The second part of the update lists the staff members just now joining the team, which includes the famous Jason Whong -- eater of bugs, PR hack for both Ambrosia Software and Green Dragon Creations -- as well as a former Bungie employee. Here is the update:
United Developers, LLC has assembled a team of dynamic personalities and software industry veterans to build its coming Macintosh entertainment software empire. Most of this team is based in the Dallas, Texas office, and will work under United Developers CEO Ron Dimant.

David Joost is United Developers' Director of Sales. An expert in selling games through the retail channel, David joins United Developers from industry stalwart Bungie. His base of operations is in Chicago, Illinois.

Jason Whong comes to United Developers as Director of Marketing and Communications. Previously, he was involved with Mac game publishers Green Dragon Creations and Ambrosia Software. Jason can be found at the Dallas headquarters.

The two veterans join Matt Tremblay, Operations Manager, who spent several years at computer retail giant MicroCenter. In conjunction with industry partners, this team will work to fulfill UD's mission - bringing exciting games to Macintosh in timely fashion.

Quite a powerful team, and an impressive game outlet. We can't wait to play these games, and to see what United Developers has in the queue for future releases. The UD web site is still under construction, but you will be able to find out much more information about these upcoming titles right here at IMG in the very near future.

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United Developers

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