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Blizzard Sends Diablo II Rust Storm Warning
10:30 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Diablo II fans will be happy to hear that Blizzard will soon be taking more steps to thwarting cheaters and hackers in the online game. Saying a "Rust Storm" is coming, Blizzard's latest announcement basically warns that hacked items will soon be disappearing. Here's the full announcement:

From the Cold Plains to the Highlands of Harrogath, Sanctuary shall soon be swept by a zephyr of cleansing magic -- the prophesied "Rust Storm."

For too long, legitimate players have suffered the injustice of illegitimate players who use tainted items from otherworldly dimensions. All thatís been taken for granted is about to change in the Realms of Battle! Those freed from the corrupting powers of the tainted items shall feel the sting of loss...for the Rust Storm knows no mercy, and no one is sheltered from its fury!

Fair warning to all!

For more information, follow the link provided below.

Blizzard Sends Diablo II "Rust Storm" Warning
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