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Friday, September 8, 2000

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Mac Shadowbane Details
10:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Dr. Twister site dedicated to Shadowbane has recently published some very interesting information about the Mac OS version of this upcoming game. Shadowbane is currently one of the only Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs (similar to Everquest and Ultima Online) coming to the Mac platform. It also looks to have many improvements compared to the online RPGs currently on the market -- after all, you don't have to repeat your competitor's mistakes.

The site features a quick Q&A with Wolfpack's VP of Sales and Marketing Todd Coleman, which was completed right after this year's E3 in May. Many great things are said about the Mac platform, giving six specific reasons behind the simultaneous Mac version of this title:

1. Since we planned on this from the beginning, we haven't taken much of a hit to our dev schedule to support Mac.

2. In fact, developing for two platforms at once actually leads to more robust code. Some bugs lie dormant on the PC and cause issues on the Mac, and vice versa. By running on two platforms at once, more of these "hidden issues" come to light earlier on.

3. From a sales standpoint, Mac sales are climbing on a daily basis. On top of this, every Mac sold today seems capable of running Shadowbane.
4. None of our competitors support Mac. This gives us a nice market to go after.

5. As a platform, it performs extremely well. In fact, our best (i.e. fastest) test server internally is running on a G4. (Go figure.)

6. Our CTO, Naarsin, is a Mac loyalist. In fact, our development team is split exactly down the middle -- half of them program in Windows, and half of them program on the Mac. (and occasionally both sides will edit the server to keep it updated for Linux.)
It is highly gratifying that Macs are being used for both development of this game and test servers! Be sure to check out both the Dr. Twister and Shadowbane sites for much more info on the game. We'll keep bringing you word on its status as Shadowbane nears release next year.

Shadowbane Web Site
Dr. Twister Shadowbane Mac Q&A
Wolfpack Studios

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