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Friday, September 8, 2000

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Chat Transcript for The Fallen
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The Adrenaline Vault recently hosted a chat on IRC with a few of The Collective's team members to talk about their upcoming Star Trek title, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. The transcript of this chat has been cleaned up to make it easier to see the questions and corresponding answers, and it is an interesting read for anyone who is a fan of this game. A variety of topics are discussed, including a few Mac-specific questions (though none are particularly great). Apparently, the game will not be a hybrid Mac/PC CD, there are still no plans for a Mac demo, and there will be no Altivec enhancements (as is the case with 99.9% of Mac games). Here's a clip from the chat about the game itself:

Did you have to do any major changes
to the Unreal engine for DS9?

There are an ENORMOUS amount of additions
done to the UT engine. Skeletal Animation System, IK
System, Enhanced Particle System, 3rd-person camera
system, lip sync, real-time cut-scenes, dynamic/interactive
MP3s, shadows, etc...etc...

We have recently spoke to Simon & Schuster's PR guru Peter Binazeski, who told us that the game is still on track for an October release. He just came back from the recording studios in L.A. where all the actors for the game were recording the voice-overs for cutscenes and cinematics.

The Fallen will allow the player choose between three main characters from the series: Wolf, Sisko or Kira. The game will also support modifications, as Unreal Tournament does, and some are supposedly already in development. To see the game in action head over to PC IGN, which has posted five new screen shots taken at ECTS and a new movie trailer from the game. The trailer is rather large (18MB) so only grab it if you have the bandwidth. The Fallen is very near to completion, and should be released soon for Mac and PC.

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