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Thursday, September 7, 2000
No Oni Until 2001?
5:55 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A report from ECTS published by GameSpot UK suggests that Take Two Interactive's title Oni -- a third-person action/adventure developed by Bungie -- may not hit the Mac and PC platforms until early next year. The status report, based on a demo of this game at the ECTS expo, gives a rough description of the game and its plot, as well as 25 images which appear to be a mixture of old -- very old -- screen shots, as well as several new images.

Here's an excerpt:

Bungie has been engaging in some serious hand-to-hand combat at ECTS, showing off the latest build of its impressive third-person action adventure, Oni. Heavily influenced by the Japanese anime tradition, Oni follows the adventures of Konoko, a member of the Tech Crimes Task Force, as she battles both hordes of futuristic villains and the ghosts from her own past.

The developers have brought in some top architects to give each futuristic level an ultra-realistic feel, and it shows, in some of the biggest and most impressive levels we've seen to date. The latest build featured Oni's excellent intro movie, which is worthy of its anime; heritage, but also showcases some classic fighting sequences with a winning combination of both hand-to-hand and ranged combat, with enough special moves and heavy weaponry to keep even the most hardened action addicts satisfied.

There is certainly no new information here, for fans who have been following this game for the last two years, but it is a refresher course for those new to this title. It is the last sentence of the report that bears the bad news: "Oni will appear on the PC until just after the new year." That's a little nonsensical, and no other news source has confirmed this, so take it with the standard grain of salt. We have contacted Bungie, and we'll get back to you with their reply.

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