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Thursday, July 31, 2003

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WWIIOnline 1.9 Release, Minor Patch Soon
1:27 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

PlayNet recently released an update to their popular massive multiplayer online game, World War II Online. The update, deemed version 1.9, added a plethora of new features to the game, from new locations to new vehicles, as well as fixing a handful of bugs, both major and minor. While the full list of changes is far too long to include in this article, here is a small excerpt:

Vehicles: AFV
-Added new tank: H39 French light tank
-Armored cars audited for stability
-Fixed roll and yaw values for the Matilda to address shaking on some terrain tiles
-Audited Truck and Puller transmission to match historical speed data:
Morris 60kph
Laffly 66kph
SdKfz 50kph
Bedford 70kph
Opel 80kph
-Tweaked S-35 speeds, should now hit historic numbers
-Adjusted fuel loadouts on ALL ground vehicles to reflect historic values
-Changed Char and S35 turret rotation speed to match historical data (audit in progress not final do not report issues)
-Changed French mg drums to 150 rounds to match historical data
-Adjusted Flak 30 reload time from 7 seconds to 4.5 seconds
Yesterday, PlayNet identified a small bug associated with the latest patch of the game involving all armored vehicles becoming semi-impervious against bombs and satchels. They will be releasing a patch to fix this problem, as well as any other minor problems they have come across, sometime today or tomorrow.
Docdoom - We have identified a very small bug with armoured vehicles (all of them, it's global not vehicle specific) that is making them semi-impervious to non-penetrating weapons like bombs and satchels (things that are not designed to penetrate utilizing ballistic velocity as their 'entry permit' so to speak) and will be trying to patch that into the game today.

Whatever other small fixes and changes or improvements we can bundle into that same patch will also be included, although I don't know what those might be right at this minute.
For a full list of changes in 1.9, be sure to check out the PlayNet webpage, and stay tuned for the minor patch coming sometime soon.

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