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Tuesday, September 5, 2000
Strike Force 1.40 for Mac
10:17 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

IMG and the Strike Force web site have received many e-mails asking for a Mac-compatible version of the Strike Force 1.40 Unreal Tournament modification, which adds 'realistic' elements to multiplayer games. Strike Force's team has just received the Mac version from their programers, and Macgamefiles has this 99.8mb modification available for download.

Here are some of the features in this latest version:

  • Pulse rate - this revolutionary feature adds a whole new dimension to 3d action gaming. Your pulse changes depending on
    your character's levels of activity and damage taken, effecting not only your speed, but your accuracy and endurance.
  • Blood trails - Players now bleed when hit depending on wound and severity, without lagging servers. Hunt your prey and
    finish what you started!
  • New Bot AI - Our incredible new AI features the most realistic bots of any mod out there. Bots take cover, provide
    supporting fire and hide, allowing players a exciting gaming experience on- or offline.
  • New Skins - Skins for player's faces have been updated, making characters more threatening.
  • Improved Loadout Time - 15 seconds are allowed for loadout in the first round, 10 in the subsquent rounds, and teams
    can now confirm by hitting Escape to get on with the game.
  • New Strike Force Voices - Send voice commands out to your team and auto-taunt your opponents with our new voice
  • Death Messages - Get the credit you deserve with new kill notices and messages!
Strike Force is a very popular mod, despite its huge size, and is a radical departure from typical UT deathmatches. If you are looking for a little realism in your combat, download this mod and give it a try -- and don't forget to drop the Strike Force team a note thanking them for making a Mac OS version.

Strike Force Web Site
Download Strike Force 1.40 (99.8mb)

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