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Wednesday, August 30, 2000
Dueling Diablo II Editors
2:14 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Yesterday we brought you news of a Diablo II character editor, called simply Mac Diablo II Editor; now, a second utility of a similar sort has arrived. Diablo II Cheater by Alpach Software has been released as freeware, allowing you to edit the level, class, stats, gold amount, skills and waypoints of your solo characters for this Blizzard realtime RPG.

Here is an excerpt from the readme:

So, you've been playing Diablo II straight for the last 200 hours. You've lost all track of time. And you're still only a level 13 Amazon. You just lost all your gold because you couldn't take Duriel. Perhaps Diablo is a little tougher than you thought he would be? Or maybe you've already beat the game once and you want to try it as a full-fledged Paladin -- without going up 50 levels. If you're suffering from any one of these cases, or if you just want to cheat, welcome.

Diablo II Cheater is a Diablo II character editor for Macintosh, the first to my knowledge. It operates by loading your character save file, (.d2s) and editing all the little numerical values inside. Version 1.0 can edit your stats, gold, waypoints, quests, and skills. Items are on the way in 2.0. And when I say item editing, I mean it : I'm hoping to have an editor, not just an importer. Hah hah hah. We'll blow the competition away, as always.

While not quite the first, despite their claims, this editor looks to be just as capable, and as an added bonus it has been beta tested. But hey, they are both free -- cheat to your heart's content. Just don't do anything stupid like edit a character that hasn't been backed up first.

Diablo II Character Editor in Beta
Alpach Software
Diablo II Cheater 1.0

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