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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

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Rune Nears Beta
9:52 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Human Head programer Chris Rhinehart has posted another developer diary, giving the latest status on the progress of their current project, Viking hack-and-slash game Rune. The game has already reached Alpha status, and is closing in fast on Beta. Recently Westlake Interactive, working on the Mac port of this game, has confirmed with us that they are still a few weeks behind the PC version, but progressing rapidly.

Here is the latest on Rune from Rhinehart:

Progress in Rune is fantastic. We've reached Alpha, and are well on our way towards hitting Beta. What's left to work on? Well, we still
have some gameplay tweaking and polishing for the levels (as well as having our texture guys do a texture pass on the game to make
certain that all textures look good and are lined up, etc). There are still a number of outstanding animations to be completed for our
main character and the creatures. Additionally, the animators are working on animations for the in-game cinematics.

We programmers are helping the level designers with any outstanding gameplay features that might need tweaking or fixing, and
overall just working on bug finding and bug squashing. After Beta, we will continue to fix bugs and optimize the game. Also, Paul (our
esteemed Lead Programmer) has been working on Rune Multiplayer, which looks and plays great. It's a good sign when the nightly UT
and Half-Life matches are being replaced with nightly Rune Deathmatch.

The sound department is working furiously on getting all the cool sounds into the game. He's a bit overworked now, as he is also
responsible for the sound in our second project, Blair Witch: Volume 2

Rune is a third-person game of melee combat, based in Viking mythology. It will be published for the Mac by Gathering of Developers, and is currently on track for a late October release on the PC. We expect the Mac OS version to be very near behind, or simultaneous, taking into account Westlake's level of experience with the Unreal Tournament engine upon which this game is based.

Rune Dev Diary #7 at VoodooExtreme
Human Head
Gathering of Developers
Human Head Studios
Westlake Interactive

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