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Monday, August 28, 2000

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New Tribes 2 Images
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GA-Source has posted eleven new screen shots from Dynamix's upcoming teamplay-based shooter Tribes 2. This set features shots of the vehicles, the new weapons, aerial combat and several player models in action.

Several of the shots appear to have been taken at very high resolution and then reduced in size, resulting in some blurriness, but overall they are quite nice. For those not familiar with this title, it is a first-person shooter (despite the third-person screen shots) which focuses on teamwork and squad combat defending your base against enemy attack. Players will be able to drive (or fly) a variety of vehicles, choose from one of three armored suit classes (heavy, medium, light) and fly with a jetpack over huge 3D terrains. This game has been quite long in development, but is finally nearing release for the PC.

Recent reports have suggested that the MacOS version of this game is in doubt, but Dynamix's position on this game has been the same for quite some time -- the PC version of the game has priority, but the Mac OS version is still a likely possibility. The game was constructed with cross-platform technologies in mind (OpenGL, an open networking standard) so we feel such a port is quite likely. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these shots and cross your fingers for a speedy port.

Tribes 2 Web Site
Tribes 2 Screen Shots at GA-Source

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