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Monday, August 28, 2000
Stupid Invaders Preview
1:05 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Last Spring we brought you word of Stupid Invaders from Ubi Soft, an adventure game in the classic style. Stephen Granande of the About.com Guide to Interactive Fiction has posted a short preview of this title, with several screen shots.

While the preview is cluttered with annoying pop-ups and other trappings of About.com, it does provide some information about this upcoming title. Here is a short introduction:

It appears that, despite claims to the contrary, adventure games are still being made. To wit: UbiSoft's upcoming graphic adventure game Stupid Invaders.

There are games which tell of titanic struggles between the forces of good and evil, games in which mighty heroes beat back the darkness no matter the cost. Lives are gambled, decisions made, the course of human history wrested from its banks and its direction changed.

This is not one of those games.

Stupid Invaders appears to be a comedy piece, much closer to Starship Titanic than The Dig. With over 50 characters to interact with and 2000+ lines of dialog, this game looks to be fairly amusing, and is due in September or October. The game will ship for Mac, PC and Dreamcast. Read the preview for more information.

Stupid Invaders Preview
Stupid Invaders Web Site (Flash required)

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