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Friday, August 25, 2000

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Interview with Neverwinter's Oster
10:48 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Neverwinter Nights PR train seems to be back in gear, with many new Q&A's cropping up recently about the game. Bioware's producer for the game, Trent Oster, seems to be giving out most of the answers and the latest interview at GamersPulse is no different. It's a great piece, covering a variety of topics about DM powers, spell casting at high levels, and character death. Here's an interesting bit about how the DM can use the engine to duplicate almost any scenario:

GP: Will the DM have some way to handle the player who wants to do something that they are unable to do in the NWN engine? For example, if a player wants to attempt to push a statue over onto his enemy, or roll a barrel down the incline at the orcs charging up towards him, can he describe what he wants to do, and the DM somehow improvise it?

Trent: The DM will have all the power we can offer to change events on the fly. The DM could improvise your statue scenario by removing the statue, damaging the monster, and sending a text message to all the players, conveying what has occurred. The rolled barrel could be done in the same manner, damaging the orcs or simply moving them backwards, giving the party a greater lead to escape. The DM will have a large number of abilities and almost any situation can be covered with a little creative thought. Remember, just because something isnít represented graphically in the game engine doesnít mean that it canít be imagined under the DMís guidance.

Neverwinter Nights is looking to be an RPG of unparalleled quality when it is released next year. Bioware is hoping to have Mac, PC and maybe even Linux client available nearly simultaneously. We'll keep you updated as more on the game is revealed. Be sure to also check out our very own interview with Oster as well as our first look at the game.

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