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Thursday, August 24, 2000
Westlake Adds New Projects
6:21 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Our colleagues at Mac Gamer's Ledge noted that Westlake Interactive has updated the Projects page on their web site with three new additions. This comes as no big surprise, as several of Westlake's current projects are very near completion (such as Risk 2) and this ambitious company always likes to have a full plate, so to speak.

All three projects are "contract pending," which means that they have either contacted a developer or have been contacted by one which expressed interest in the port of a game, or have been contracted by a publisher but haven't finalized the paperwork. These additions to the list go by the intriguing titles "Hot" project, "Cool" project, and "Unimaginable" project.

We couldn't allow the opportunity for a little rampant speculation to slip by, of course. The "Stealth" project is still under wraps as well, so this means four mystery titles in development. As Westlake ported The Sims to the Mac OS for Aspyr Media, it seems likely that the expansion pack Sims: Livin' Large would be handed to them as well. We also know that both Aspyr Media and MacSoft, companies that Westlake has worked for numerous times, hinted that they have more titles to announce this Fall, so some of these mysteries may be revealed in the near future. In any case, post your best guesses in our forums or on the comment thread of this article.

Mac Gamer's Ledge
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