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Thursday, August 24, 2000

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WaterRace Trailer, Update
10:49 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

French Touch, the company working on the impressive Mac-only boat racing game WaterRace, has recently posted a new movie of the game in action to their web site. The video shows the latest build of this racing title, revealing many new features that haven't been seen in previous videos and preview releases. Here's a clip from the WaterRace site with details:

We know you've all been waiting anxiously for news from us! Well, we're working the whole August month on the game and it's getting really close to release now and we took some time to setup this trailer in order to show you our progression. Check out the strong behavior differences between the ships, notice new characters, locations and ships! And don't forget to turn the volume to the max!
Currently, the web site is very slow, so downloading the large movie is difficult. More mirrors for the trailer should be posted soon, so stay tuned.

WaterRace is obviously a boat-racing game, but it means much more than that for Mac gamers. French Touch has developed an entirely new 3D engine based on Apple's QuickDraw 3D RAVE which is not only blazingly fast, but quite flexible. The game architecture is completely "open," allowing room for modifications, 'skins,' and user-created race courses. They have also released free tools for building models and animations for this Infinity 3D engine, as they call it, and have another game in development based on the same engine: Lords of Steel, release date unknown. In a day and age when Mac-only development seems to be a shrinking field, French Touch seems wholly behind the Mac OS.

WaterRace is set to be released later this Fall for the Mac only. While this one has been a long time coming -- we did our first preview of this game in January -- this trailer reminds us that it will be worth the wait.

WaterRace Preview
French Touch
WaterRace Web Site
WaterRace Movie at MGF
French Touch

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