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Wednesday, August 23, 2000

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DS9: The Fallen Q&A
9:53 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

An interview with the team from The Collective has been posted at 3dActionPlanet regarding their game in progress, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. Unlike that other Star Trek title you've been hearing about, The Fallen is using the Unreal Tournament engine, will be in 3rd person perspective, and will allow you to play as three of the television series' main characters. A total of five people from the development team contributed to the Q&A, so it is an interesting read with much new information. Here's a clip that does a great job of explaining the differences between their game and Raven Software's Elite Force:

3DActionPlanet: The Fallen has got some stiff competition out there with Raven's Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. But from what I've seen at E3 and what I've seen in the demo, they seem like pretty different games. Can you summarize how The Fallen is different from your standard first person shooter?

Tony: Well, the first thing that differentiates The Fallen from standard First Person Shooters is that it's Third Person. When you have access to strong characters such as the ones on Star Trek: DS9, it is best to utilize them. By placing the game in third person, we allow you to see the character you are controlling in more than just a cut-scene or options menu, and grant the player the opportunity to role-play as an established character in the Star Trek universe. Third person view provides the opportunity to feel something for your character, more than if you were a "nameless box" floating through corridors.

One of the things that separates us from other 3rd or 1st-person games is our Three Character System. In The Fallen, you choose one of characters and take that character through the entire game. Their storyline is intertwined with the overall story-arc, but is unique to their adventure. In addition to a different subset of the overall story-arc, each character's gameplay is tailored for a different play-style.

Worf's gameplay is more combat-oriented, Kira's gameplay is more exploration and Sisko's gameplay is a balance of both. This system heightens the replay value of the product immensely.

Both The Fallen and Elite Force are looking to be the first truly fun Star Trek titles, after years of miserable shovelware. The great news is that both are coming to the Mac OS! Simon & Schuster is bringing The Fallen to the Mac and PC later this Fall. And though no publishing deal has been announced for Elite Force, we've heard something is already in the works to provide a near-simultaneous release.

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