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Wednesday, August 23, 2000

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Tribes 2 Items
9:41 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Much new information regarding the team-based FPS from Dynamix known as Tribes 2 has been released recently. K2Games has posted a preview of the game which covers most of the topics surrounding the world of Tribes 2, including the armor classes, vehicles and weaponry. If you're wondering what this shooter will be like, this is a good introduction. Here's a clip:

One problem with Tribes was that it had a lot of players, but never any community tools for them to use besides an IRC chat server. In Tribes2 you will find many community building tools, including in game voice and/or text chatting, email, instant messaging service, message boards, news, a web browser and Tribes2 file downloads. You can also create new clans, and get hosting for them, as well as sharing those custom made mods mentioned above.
The preview also contains links to screen shots and movies to give you a better idea of how the game will look and play. In this vein, the official Sierra pages have also been updated with nine new screen shots of in-game action, which are excellent but very small. This game is looking more and more impressive which each build Dynamix makes, so if you haven't seen it in action for a while, have a look.

Lastly, a new movie of Tribes 2 has been released by Tribes 2 Players which shows a ton of fighting action. It also has some footage of vehicles in action, so if you have the bandwidth, be sure to grab the full 36 MB film.

Tribes 2 is set to be released this October. Originally, thanks to the team's use (and Apple's adoption of) OpenGL, a Mac version had been promised many times. Dynamix has wavered a bit recently as to their commitment to a Mac version, but Mac users have a good chance of playing this game soon after the PC build is released.

Tribes 2 Players Web Site
Sierra Studios Screen Shot Page
Download Tribes 2 Movie (36MB)
K2Games Tribes 2 Preview

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