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Thursday, February 13, 2003

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FreeCraft for OS X
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A recent note from iDevGames announced a new forum thread at their site revealing an early OS X version of FreeCraft. This open source project is attempting to mimic the gameplay of Blizzard's classic real-time strategy series, WarCraft. Developer Mark Pazolli notes he has the Mac OS X installer working now and encourages those curious to try out the title to grab the latest snapshot.

FreeCraft has the ability to use its own, user-made graphics as well as import the artwork and sounds from WarCraft II. Here's more from Pazolli on the status of the project:

Because this version is one of the first to be released to the public, it may well have bugs and there is a small chance that it may not work at all (but we have tried to minimize that chance). If it does work for you, we want to hear from you and request that you fill in the above poll. If it does not work for you, we also would appreciate it if you could fill in the above poll and would be extremely grateful if you could post the last few lines of /Applications/Utilities/Console.app to this thread along with any additional insight in to the problem. Additional feedback, comments and questions from both parties are also warmly welcomed.
If you're not deterred by very early software, consider giving the Mac OS X FreeCraft build a try. Users are recommended to read Pazolli's comments in the thread before installing the game.

Artists and programmers are also encouraged to join the ranks of the FreeCraft project members to help move it along. Check out the Sourceforge page or the iDevGames forum thread for details.

FreeCraft Forum Thread at iDevGames
Download FreeCraft OS X Installer

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