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Thursday, February 13, 2003
Crave Looks Towards the Value Line
6:00 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Crave Entertainment, the publisher of such PC games as Global Ops and Freedom Force, announced they are looking at changing their focus to selling $19.99 value titles. Along with this announcement are plans to sell all of its frontline development teams.

Last year, MacPlay announced an agreement with Crave to bring a number of their titles to the Mac, and it's unknown at this point how the news might affect this budding relationship.

Here's the full announcement, care of VoodooExtreme:

Crave Entertainment Group announced today that it has revised the strategy of its publishing unit, Crave Entertainment, to focus exclusively on the acquisition of value and mass market products. This new strategy is designed to capitalize on the anticipated growth of the $19.99 and under segments of the next generation console platforms.

This new product strategy will fully capitalize on the strength of the company's SVG Distribution operation and give the company a single focus and positioning in the marketplace. As a result, Crave Entertainment has entered into, or is finalizing, a number of transactions with other publishers to sell components of its entire frontline development project portfolio. The proceeds from the sale of these assets will be reinvested in value product acquisition, as well as, distribution based opportunities.

What will happen to groups developing full price games under them is unknown. One notable group are the team led by Ed Del Castillo who are currently working on a sequel to their critically acclaimed RTS, Battle Realms.

For more information on Crave, and this announcement, follow the appropriate links below.

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Archives  News  Crave Looks Towards the Value Line