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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

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Alida Released For Mac
7:55 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Australian game developers Dejavu Worlds have released the Myst-inspired point and click interactive graphical adventure game Alida.

The game places players on the island of Alida, an island theme park built by a fictional band of the same name after the band gained notoriety from their first CD release. Unfortunately, as is the case with most rock bands, things eventually go terribly wrong:

The story centres around four young men in the band Alida that attained phenomenal success with their first CD release. Loads of money coupled with wild imagination resulted in construction of "Alida" - the theme park.... As Alida was nearing completion things got complicated, their popularity was waning and money stopped coming in. Distrust set in. Each of the band members claimed different areas of Alida for themselves where they devised weird and elaborate systems to protect their wealth. They retracted from each other finally leaving Alida uninhabited. Fifteen years later one of the guys is missing on Alida...
Over five years in development, Alida features screen after screen of high-detailed, lush 3D envionments for players to explore, dozens of puzzles to solve, and full original score. The Mac-only game, which is available for purchase online for $46 USD (plus 7$ USD postage), boasts low system requirements of a 233mhz G3, 21 megs of RAM, Quicktime 4 or later, and OS 8 or later. An OS X version is forthcoming.

Cick on the link below for more information on the title. Thanks to a helpful reader for the tip.

Dejavu Worlds: Alida
Dejavu Worlds

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Archives  News  Alida Released For Mac