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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

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RTCW: Enemy Territory Cancelled
7:55 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

In a move likely to surprise fans of the game, Activision has cancelled support of Enemy Territory (expansion pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein), and is immediately halting the development of the retail version. While short on words, Activision does state why they cancelled the project. Below is a clip from Activision's announcement, posted on Blue's News.

Despite a strong effort from talented developers, the single player portion of the game did not progress as anticipated. Canceling the release was a difficult decision made in the best interest of the Wolfenstein franchise and fans. However, we remain excited about the progress and direction of Enemy Territory multiplayer. Over the next several months the focus of our development will be to complete the multiplayer portion of Enemy Territory and provide it as a free downloadable expansion to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
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You can also check out the full press release at Blue's News at the link below.

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RTCW: Enemy Territory Announcement (Blue's News)
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