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Monday, February 10, 2003
Ambrosia Q&A
12:28 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Mac gaming site, Macinplay, recently did an interview with Tom Anthony of Ambrosia Software about some of the games they have in the works. The interview also talks about the porting of Escape Velocity: Nova and Deimos Rising to windows, along with giving some insight into how they got involved with publishing Uplink.

Here's a snippet of the interview:

macinplay.de: Let's kick off with Uplink. Ambrosia announced Uplink some time ago. It is about hacking into networks and accomplishing various missions. The port of this game was begun months ago by Contraband Entertainment and it is listed as being in 'beta'-stage for quite some time. Is it done by now?

Tom Anthony: Uplink is unlike the usual situation that we put ourselves in, it is the first time we are publishing a game ported from the PC to the Mac. Contraband Entertainment are handling the development, we are overseeing the testing and publishing. We have been doing internal testing so far, but we will soon be beginning the full beta test. As the game is a port we don't expect this beta test to take as long as most of our products.

macinplay.de: Will it be distributed as shareware or will Ambrosia actually go retail with this title?

Tom Anthony: We decided sometime ago to be an internet based company, and for now we have no plans to change this. We are dedicated to the idea of try before you buy.

macinplay.de: Do you have a release date yet?

Tom Anthony: Ambrosia has made a habit of not giving release dates, we don't want to be another company that misses date after date. We work hard to get products out the door without delay, but have no problem with holding something back until we think it is polished.

To read the full interview, or for more information on Ambrosia, follow the below links.

Ambrosia Q&A
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