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Tuesday, August 22, 2000
Gloomveil Content Updated
12:03 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

While this is not exactly Mac gaming news, the unique multimedia creation Gloomveil -- inspired by the upcoming online RPG Neverwinter Nights -- is remarkable enough to warrant notice by any fan of the genre. A mix of fan fiction, FAQs, reader submissions and unique Flash-based 'widgets,' Gloomveil goes beyond the simple fansite and becomes a work of art in itself.

Recently the page has received several content updates. Here is a list of the new features, from the press release:

The fog-enshrouded region of Gloomveil is dangerous and mysterious, a
place most people only visit in their nightmares. But there is an oasis
of nourishment in this dark place! The Brothers Three Inn welcomes folk
from all realms to find room, board, and fellowship. Stop by for a
visit... if you are brave enough!

Travellers to the Gloomveil region have the valiant Peacekeepers to look
to in times of need. Small in numbers, but strong in spirit, these brave
men and women risk their lives for the good people of Gloomveil. The
Peacekeepers' Hold is now open, serving justice to all those who deserve it.

The Library of Lore has been gifted with 8 new texts from Gloomveil and
realms beyond. A variety of races and cultures are discussed in these
works, bound to be of interest to students, sages or scholars. The
Library comes in Flash and non-Flash flavors.

A new interactive widget has been added to the Leisure Den. Made of
wood, bone, and scrap bits of metal, the musical Bloatophone is not easy
on the delicate ear. Elves and other frail creatures stay away!

Neverwinter Nights is a real-time 3D RPG being developed by BioWare for Mac and PC. While the game itself isn't due until Summer of next year, its ambitious attempt to mix cutting-edge technology with the personal interactivity of pen-and-paper Dungeons and Dragons has already drawn major interest from the gaming industry. While Gloomveil is inspired by, and not based on, this game, it is still an interesting visit for anyone who has ever thrown the dice to determine whether their Magic Missile has drilled a Creeping Sloth between the eyes or merely glanced off a shield. For more on Neverwinter Nights itself, check out our First Look at this game and visit the official web site.

Neverwinter Nights
First Look: Neverwinter Nights

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